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How Many Types of Writing Do You Know?
Among the traditional types of academic writing which are often faced by students there are summaries, tests, essays, reports, term papers, research papers, reviews, theses, etc. Let’s speak about several the most common of them.
Summary is a brief overview of the content of one or more published works on a selected topic. The aim of writing a summary is to help students with developing skills in bibliographic search, in selection of relevant literature, in analytical work with books and periodicals as well as in text formatting. Also, this type of work serves to awaken students’ interest to particular scientific and practical problems which can be studied in the course of further learning. The volume of summaries is usually 10-15 pages of typewritten text.
Report is a written form of extracurricular training activity on a particular topic, often followed by a public presentation on student or scientific conferences. In its aims and objectives reports overlap summaries, but reports are more conducive to the development of research skills. Working on reports students learn to think critically, to make their own conclusions, to put forward new ideas and suggestions. Abstracts of a report may be published in a collection of scientific research works and thus can become the student’s first scientific publication. Usually, a report covers 10-20 pages of typewritten text.
Research paper
Research paper is a complex, large-scale scientific research suggesting a student’s creative approach to its elaboration and accuracy of the execution. While working on a research paper a student systematizes, deepens and consolidates the knowledge gained in the course of learning. The volume of research papers varies from 25 to 60 typewritten pages.

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Tips on How to Write a Psychology Research Paper: Where to Start?
A research paper in psychology is a type of academic writing which should be executed in accordance with all the requirements of your institution. In fact, it’s not difficult to write such a paper if you have enough time and you know how to put hands to a task.
Be sure to get valuable advice on the selected topic from him/her. You have the right to know exactly what has to be included into your research paper in psychology, to get at least a part of the list of references and to receive guidelines for writing a research paper. Usually you can find specially developed and approved guidelines in the university library, so don’t miss this opportunity to save your time and effort.
Then you can start searching for books and periodicals suitable for your topic. This can be done through a "live" library or via online libraries. Here you can save your time again by using online sources, but be sure to choose trustworthy web-resources. You can use materials posted on sites, but avoiding its excessive use, since most of them are of the popular nature rather than of scientific character. In any case, in the course of the scientific study you’re sure to come to the classics of scientific psychology like Jacques Lacan, Sigmund Freud, Erich Fromm and others.
Keep in mind that the authors-psychologists often have specific, recognizable styles of writing. So don’t make a mistake trying to "glue" fragments of their books together for getting "your own" text! This can be regarded as plagiarism that is not encouraged by teachers. Develop your individual style of academic writing, bearing in mind that you should use scientific language avoiding colloquial expressions, slang, very short and unextended sentences.